Shepherds in the Land of Israel before 1925

The photographs in this rare collection come from a series of photos taken about one hundred years ago in the Ain Farah area, just northeast of Jerusalem. This is the region where David was thought to have tended his sheep. The life of a Shepherd at the time these photos were taken was probably similar to that of a Shepherd in Israel during the time when the Twenty-third Psalm was penned.

High Quality Photos Suitable for Framing
These photos were originally published in a hand-bound book with a genuine sheep skin cover, prepared in a Palestinian tannery. We are now privileged to offer them as high-quality prints, suitable for framing. To order one or more of these prints, or to order the entire set, go the "View / Order Prints Suitable for Framing" page of this site.

The Story Behind the Photos
Recently discovered 100-year-old photos clearly portray shepherds and their sheep in a region of the land of Israel within a few miles of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The photos, with amazing clarity, depict the every-day life of the shepherd in the context of the land as it was in the early 1900’s, before the emergence of the modern nation.

The Ain Farah region, just northeast of Jerusalem, where the photos were originally taken, was the same area where King David, when he was a shepherd boy, likely tended his sheep....The life of a shepherd had not changed very much from the days of King David to the time these photos were taken.  Read more...


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